Privacy statement

Privacy Statement
Het Amsterdams Studenten Orkest (ASO)

1. Information

1.1 What information do we collect?
The ASO collects data about you that is limited to the kind of information that can be found on a typical business card: your first and last names, your telephone number, your study,  where you are studying, and email. In addition, we collect information about your birth-date, your expected graduation date, the instrument you play and the way you came across the ASO. We collect information about your bank account for filing automatic invoices. We sometimes make photos and videos during (online) social events and concerts.

1.2 Why do we collect your information?
We, as an association, are obligated to keep record of a membership administration. The information we keep is necessary for the functioning of the orchestra.

1.3 What is the information used for?
1.3.1 For communication with you
We may use your personal data to send you important notices, such as communications about events, payments, and general information, as well as changes to terms, conditions, policies, and/or other internal purposes.

1.3.2 To improve our public outreach
We register where you are studying and how you came acquainted with the ASO to track where and how our efforts at drawing new students would be most successful.
The photos and videos from (online) social events or concerts are used for PR purposes or to share with our members
You can tell us if you prefer not to be included in a photo or video. This can be done in person when the photo or video is taken, or later by emailing us at

1.3.3 To improve the quality of our orchestra
We track expected graduation dates to ensure that we have an adaptive body of members, for as a student orchestra we only have a limited space for non-students. We register birth dates to know whether members are above the statutory maximum age.

2. Security

2.1 How is your personal data secured?
The ASO maintains safeguards which include technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized use, access, inadvertent disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

We restrict access to your personal data only to the board members of the orchestra.

2.2 How is your personal data stored?
Your personal data may also be stored by third parties, via cloud services or other technology, see “When and how do we share your information with others?” below.

These third parties do not use or have access to your personal data other than for cloud storage and retrieval. We require such parties to employ at least the same level of security that we use to protect your personal data, see “How is your personal data secured?” above.

2.3 How long do we keep your personal data?
If you are not currently playing but have made it clear you plan to return (as for example in the case of an exchange semester), we will retain your information during this period.

We will keep your financial information, information about your study, date of birth and expected graduation date for 7 years after the start of the first academic year in which you have left. If you leave in January 2021, for instance, we will delete your info in September 2028. This way we do not have to keep track of when people leave exactly, but can delete information once a year.

We keep your basic contact information, what instrument you play and the years of membership for things as reunions or substitution requests. If you are no longer a member of the ASO and you wish to have this personal data deleted, please send an email to:

2.4 The legal basis we have for processing your personal data
The legal basis for processing your personal data is your consent. 

2.5 When and how do we share your information with others?
We do not share your information with others.

2.6 As required by law
Your personal data may be shared when authorized by law or necessary to comply with a valid legal process. 

2.7 Confirming your personal data
To confirm that the ASO is processing your personal data, or to access, update or correct the personal data the ASO holds about you, or to obtain a copy to reuse for your own purposes, please send an email to:

2.8 Erasing your personal data
If you want your personal data removed, please send an email to:

2.9 To restrict processing of your personal data
If you want to otherwise restrict the ASO’s processing of your personal data, please send an email to:

For any other questions: Contact